Jalousie (from the French: "Jealousy") is a tango from 1925, composed by the Dane Jacob Gade (18691963). In the beginning he had it also the name Tango Lawrence ("Gipsy tango") given. Furthermore, the music known as Celos in the Jealousy in the Spanish and English.

In the 1920s was conductor of an orchestra of Gade 24 musicians that accompanied silent films in the cinema at the Paladsteatret in Copenhagen. In 1925 he wrote this tango to the film Don Q Son of Zorro to guide. At the premiere of this film on 14 september of that year is the music performed for the first time. After that, the theme recurred in more than 100 films and in several television series.

Jalousie is written as an instrumental tango. The most important performer is Ástor Piazzolla. Later there are texts written in different languages. Known is the version of Vera Bloom.It is estimated that in the 1970s the number every year somewhere in the world is played on the radio. In June 1992 is an arrangement of Jalousie for wind quintet performed on the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Margaret in the Kronborg Castle.

The tango begins with an introduction in a minor-key. After 32 sizes, the melody over the same ground in major show, and the tango rhythm really started.

Before he had a contract with Jalousie Gade composed the Danish publishing house Wilhelm Hansen. To this publishing house he had all rights for the music he composed transferred up to a particular date. Jalousie fell later, but Wilhelm Hansen gave the piece anyway. This gave a part of his rights Gade on Jalousie to them, with which the case was solved. When Gade in 1956 drew up his will, he determined that all income from copyrights had to come after his death benefit to the Foundation Jacob Gade, who supports young, talented musicians.

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