Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

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  • Jan Jelinek

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On the brink of the new millineum, electronica music was entering a new manifestation. Thanks to laptops, software and plugins, digital music is easier than ever to create; and everyone is creating. To differentiate themselves, artists like Jan Jelinek began to slide the zoom scroll bar all the way to the right and started to arrange samples by the microsecond rather than the loop. Arriving in the Berlin scene in the late 90s, Jelinek quickly established himself as one of the pioneers in this new microsound style of production.

Influenced by dub, jazz, funk and soul as a teenager, Jelinek mastered the art of crate-digging before he even began teetering with a sampler. The introduction of house opened up a new world for the producer and sent him into a frenzy of creative output. Initially utilizing mostly archaic equipment, Jelinek created his individual sound by instead of concentrating on the melodic loops, he would disect the physical aspects of his records, the scratches, the blemishes and the ambient noise made by the stylus. When actually using samples of instrumentation, he breaks them down to a microscopic level, transforming the sound into new waves of unidentified audio. The resulting compositions are incredibly enticing and invigorating, no matter what the source material. Jelinek initially began sampling mainly jazz records and released the much acclaimed and aptly titled Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records. As time progressed, he developed more interest in acid rock, krautrock and psychedlia, and his music began to evolve into more drone territories, emphasizing atmosphere even more than before. Before releasing music under his own name, Jelinek also worked under the pseudonyms Gramm and Farben. The Gramm alias concentrated more on minimalism and ambience while Farben picked apart soul music from the inside out, creating an entirely new danceable sound. Since 2001, Jelinek has received nothing but acclaim and has become an international success as a pioneer in a stalling electronica genre.





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