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Jang do first carrer as singer, The First Story is a first album by her at 2001 with korean language. she release the second album with mixed language (Korea mix English). Some of the songs on the soundtrack to life, one of them, Sweet Dream song in use to one of Online Game soundtrack . After successull singer then she interested in the akting career. many tv shows that her starring. She not only success at Korea she also success in China.

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The First Story (First album) Edit

Contain the songs :

Sweet Dream (2nd album) Edit

Contain the songs :

Sweet Dream
Honjaseodo Jalhaeyo (I Can Do It Well By Myself)
I'll be there for you

(3rd album) Edit

(4th album) Edit

I Love School

My Story (5th album) Edit

Dream of Asia (6th album) Edit

Thinkin’ Of You

Long Good-Bye
Shining Day
Wo Men De Meng Xiang (Our Dream)
Hai Shi Shen Lou (Mirage)

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