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Jarrett William Sorko (born July 28, 1991) is a Canadian comedian, musician and internet celebrity.[1] Jarrett released the song "Yo, I'm From Windsor Dude" in March 2011.[2] As a result, Jarrett received major press coverage in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario drawing attention to both the city and himself.[3] Jarrett is known for his rap music and stand-up comedy.

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Jarrett Sorko attended Catholic Central High School in Windsor, Ontario. While at this school Jarrett achieved honour roll all four of his years and graduated at the top of his class. He was also very influenced by art and had his art on display in different galleries and museums.[4] With high grades Jarrett was able to pursue both architecture and art at the University of Windsor for a year before dropping out to follow other creative inspiration.

In March 2011 Jarrett released his first recorded song "Yo, I'm From Windsor Dude" on YouTube and it became viral overnight.[5] Many radio stations, newspapers and TV outlets picked it up.[6] Jarrett helped put Windsor, Ontario on the maps with his viral video that reached over 40,000 views in the first few days.[7] Jarrett took a few years off to work on his writing and musical craft.[8] Three years later on the anniversary of uploading "Yo, I'm From Windsor Dude" Jarrett released a new song celebrating the success of his first viral video and his city called "519" which attracted attention from many of the same media outlets.[9]

Career Edit


In 2011 Jarrett began performing comedy at local comedy clubs. After the overnight success of his "Yo, I'm From Windsor Dude" song Jarrett began incorporating music into his stand-up act.[10] Jarrett's act revolves around self-deprecation, satire and wordplay.[11]


Jarrett's musical career began in 2011 with the release of "Yo, I'm From Windsor Dude". Jarrett says he was just experimenting with recording equipment for the first time and didn't anticipate the overnight success of the video, so he took 3 years off to learn how to properly record music.[12] On April 20, 2014 Jarrett returned to making music with the release of his EP Jarrett Sorko 4 Mayor.[13] The EP cleverly combines both music and comedy through rap songs and skits.



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