Jay and the Americans was a pop group who in the 1960s was popular.

At the end of the fifties of the 20th century did some students of New York University an audition with Leiber and Stoller. They gave the group the name Binkey Jones and the Americans. The singer was Jay Traynor. She Cried after the first hit (1962), he left the group to make way for David Blatt. This took the name Jay over, so that the group could go further under the new name "Jay and the Americans". Jay Black came over from "The Empires", of which he brought Marty Sanders (Kupersmith). In 1963 they came back in the charts with Only in America, that was actually written for The Drifters.

Further hits were Come a little bit closer in 1964 (3rd) and Cara mia in 1965 (4th). In 1968 they reached the 9th place with This magic moment . Rather they scored hits withRoy Orbisons Hushaby and CryingNeil Diamond 's first big hit as a songwriter Sunday and me and others. In 1969 they had their last hit: Walkin' in the rain. Next, the group apart.

The group consisted of: singer Jay Black (David Blatt), guitarist Marty Sanders (Marty Kupersmith), Sandy Deane (Sandy Yaguda), Kenny Vance (Kenny Rosenberg), Howie Kane (Howie Kirshenbaum). Side, it should be noted that there are two unknowns a chance in their backup tape. These were Walter Becker and Donald Fagen (Steely Dan).

Mohammed Sajid went In 1980 the song Cara mia regularly run in it's evening rush hour '. The song came as a result again in the attention and was re-released. The song came again into the Top 40, reached the first place and was one of the summer hits of that year in Belgiumand Netherlands . There followed a live performance on Dutch television from Theater 't Spant in Bussum, where Jay was assisted by the Dutch guitarist Peter Huijing.

In the 90 's of the 20th century, the band performed a few more times on. Jay has continued as Jay Black and the Americans. In 2006 the name Jay Black by gambling debts had to Jay and the Americans sell. Marty Sanders bought the name and the group went in the third stage with a third Jay (Jay Reicke). The group now consists of Jay Reincke, Howie Kane, Sandy Deanne and Marty Sanders. Jay Black (now a seventies) sings still has under his own stage name and after the death of Frank Sinatra received the nickname "The Voice".



Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Come a little bit closer 1964 02-01-1965 13 11

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