Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Oakland/Bay Area, CA

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If you are a fan of Anticon, you know Jel's music, though you may not recognize his face. Chicago-born Jeffery James Logan and his SP-1200 is the musical foundation of the abstract hip-hop label. Jel's love for hip-hop began in the late 80s while listening to The Rap Down on 105.9 WGCI as a high-schooler. He perfected his own beats on his SP during his tenure at Northwestern where he also met his future partner-in-crime, Doseone. In the late 90s, Jel and Doseone began their takeover of abstract hip-hop by forming Themselves, Deep Puddle Dynamics (which also included Sole, Alias and Slug) and, in turn, the Anticon label. His sound has developed over the years with Anticon and the raw, though obviously thought out, syncopated rhythms and ambient melodic tones have come to define the name. He may not be the most recognizable of his label-mates, but he is the musical foundation for them.





(10”, ltd edition 1000 copies, la2thebay distribution 2002)

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