Artist: Stereolab

Album: Oscillions From The Anti-Sun

Appears On (Mixes): Happy Birthday Dad; Marooned

Song Notes: Happy Birthday Dad: For a band not necessarily known for their pop accesibility, this one is really damned accessibile. Great lyrics, with great production. This is one of the few instances where having the vocals somewhat down in the mix works—some of the words just fly right by you, making you go "wait, what did she say?" Sort of like "Nothing To Do With Me", though in that song I think it's a little bit more forward, and the "wait, what?" comes from Laetitia Sadler's accent more. This is one of the single versions, as the original version is, like, what, 17 minutes long? I guess that's sort of against the "accessibility" nature, but it's really more like "Autobahn" where it's so good it can go on for years and be aces. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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