Jervis (Jerry) Wald (Newark15 January 1918 – Las Vegas, september 1973) was a big bandleader and clarinetist . He formed his Orchestra in 1941, where he was strongly influenced by Artie Shaw. The sound of his band resembled that of Shaw and his Orchestra also played different musicians that had worked at Shaw, as Bob Dukoff, Les Robinson, Ray Conniff (packages) and Nelson Riddle. Other musicians who played with him included Bill EvansAl Haig and Jimmy Raney. Wald Later played more jazz, but his Orchestra was never large, because his music too much was reminiscent of Shaw.

Wald made several plates, including "Call of the Wild ', and played on radio and tv. Over the years he held his Orchestra standing, in different configurations, even when he was in New York a lot worked for radio and tv.


  • Tops in Pops: Designed for Dancing-Lion, 1958
  • Listen to the Music of Jerry Wald-Kapp, 1956

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