Jess & James (also called Jess and James) was a Belgian soul duo that with their backing band, the JJ Band, was especially popular at the end of the 60 's.

Jess and James were the stage names of the brothers Antonio and Fernando Lameirinhas Portuguese . Antonio Fernando was in 1944 and in 1947 born in Portugal.From childhood they were fascinated by music, but in the dictator Salazar 's Portugal there was no money for music lessons. That changed when the family moved to Belgium and Lameirinhos went to live in Charleroi . Fernando went to work in a marble company and bought with the money he earned a guitarto the Music Academy, with which he could. Antonio learned then again under the influence of his brother play the bass guitar .

At the beginning of the sixties they founded their first group on: The Robots, a typical guitar group such as the then highly popular bands The Shadows and The Spotnicks. After the arrival of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones went their preference, however, more forward to the beat music. When the brothers moved to Brussels , they made knowledge with the American soul of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. This music influenced them as they went through life as a soul group from now on.Roland Kluger (the son of Jacques Kluger) became their manager, the name of the Group was Jess & James and the accompanying JJ Band, with horns and percussion, was compiled. Members of the band included Ralph Benatar and Garcia Morales.

Jess & James performed often on in the small club Les Cousins in Brussels, where the Belgian earlier rock and roll group called " was discovered The Cousins . Singer Jimmy Frey heard them here for the first time, on which he the JJ Band asked him to accompany his song so beautiful, so blond and so alone.

Jess & James knew one huge hit: Move from 1967. Throughout Europe the single was a great success. However, this success was short-lived: soon went its own way from the JJ Band, in order to give its own work and collaborate with artists such as Francis Goya and Bruno CastellucciChanging Face their number from 1971 was sampled by rappers like Raekwonand O.C. . The brothers still tried to bring out new work, but such a success as Move stayed out.


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Jess & James[Edit]Edit

  • LP Discography:
    • Move (Palette, 1968)
    • Revolution, Evolution, Change (Palette, 1968)
    • Jess & James (Palette, 1969)

The J-J Band[Edit]Edit

Solo Career[Edit]Edit

Fernando Lameirinhas Netherlands has in the 90 's in a solo career and became at the larger audience familiar with the hit song "Abraça-me ' (Embrace me), where the Zeeland band Bløf in appeared. On the same cd ' O Destino "(destiny), Fernando Lameirinhas also floats gently make fun of the Dutch, in the song ' Os ' Holandeses.

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