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File:"Jesus He Knows Me" - Genesis

Jesus He Knows Me features singer Phil Collins as an unscrupulous televangelist who lives like a millionaire thanks to donations from his followers. The comedic video also features fellow band members, keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist Mike Rutherford, as fellow evangelists. Collins, in an orange suit, tries to have his viewers raise $18,000,000 in one weekend because "the Lord told it to him". In the final minute on the video, money rains down on the set of the fake program. As the toteboard reaches his goal, the amount of money shown increases in intervals of at least $18,000,000. The video is the second from We Can't Dance in which Banks and Rutherford have to drag Collins off at the end; the other is "I Can't Dance".

In the video, people can be seen holding a sign reading "Genesis 3:25", referring not to the Bible but to the fact that the band had three members and had been together for twenty-five years (the band formed in 1967, the video was filmed in 1992, although only Banks and Rutherford had been in the band since the beginning). Some observers, not understanding this reference, believed the sign to be an error or a joke, as the third chapter in the Book of Genesis has only 24 verses. If it referred to the Bible it could also be meaning "this kind of televangelism is a resumption of the Fall of Man" because the third chapter in the Book of Genesis is the chapter about the Fall of Man.

Throughout the clip, Collins is shown on the covers of several fictitious magazines with religious names which spoof actual publications, such as "Spirit Illustrated", "Rolling Souls", "MITE" (an anagram of TIME) and "God's Housekeeping". As a footnote, Collins's character in this video bears some resemblance to his role of "Phil Mayhew", a low-brow game show host – con artist eventually dabbling in televangelism in the 1985 Miami Vice episode "Phil the Shill".

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