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Artist: Snakefinger

Album: Chewing Hides The Sound

Appears On (Mixes): Oh, Yes, He Really Has To Suffer: The Best Of Snakefinger; And A Bumper Sticker That Says "No Other Possibility"

Song Notes: Oh, Yes, He Really Has To Suffer: The Best Of Snakefinger: A fast-paced Residential rocker about Jesus Christ having actually been a leprechaun (as voiced by a Resident). It's really funny as well as being a great song. Probably at least a little blasphemous, though, so you might not to play this one around ultra-religous family members. Unless you enjoy pissing them off, in which case go for it. (This is the route endorsed by me, for what it's worth.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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