Jeremy "Jez" Strode (born 17 January 1958 in London) is best known as the drummer for the English pop band, Kajagoogoo.[1]

Strode began his musical career in a band called Art Nouveau, with future Kajagoogoo bandmates Nick Beggs, Steve Askew and Stuart Croxford Neale.

He left Kajagoogoo after their album Islands was released, subsequently setting up the company Atlantic Hire, operated from his home in Hampstead, hiring synthesizers and other studio electronics to the music industry. At this time he also constructed his own recording studio in a converted garage in North London.

The members of Kajagoogoo, including Strode were later brought back together in 2003, by VH1's Bands Reunited. However, this reunion of all five original members was very short-lived, and the band continued to tour as a three piece without Strode or original lead singer, Limahl.

Jez Strode is now back with original bandmates Beggs, Limahl, Askew and Croxford-Neale thanks to their new manager Bradley Snelling. Kajagoogoo are playing dates in the UK during the course of 2008 including Retrofest in Scotland and at The Stables in Milton Keynes in early December.




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