Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Jim Guthrie

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Jim Guthrie is most notably known as guitarist for Royal City and the namesake of Canada's popular and recently defunct Three Gut Records as well as being an innovative solo artist. While Guthrie's more recent albums (2003's Now, More Than Ever) have labeled him simply as an indie-rock singer/songwriter, he spent most of his early years as a solo artist holed up in his bedroom experimenting with found sounds and lo-fi recording techniques. His early albums consisted of more random audio snippits than traditional rock instrumentation, though his songwriting ability was front and center. The most endearing quality of Guthrie maybe his slightly nasal, modest voice which seems to comfort the listener and invite them into the musical world of his imagination. His lyricism follows closely behind, comforting, questioning and slightly vague. While usually simple as far as structure is concerned, Guthrie does a good job of enlisting metaphors leaving interpretation open to the listener.

Thanks to exposure from his first two solo albums and the wide-spread popularity of Three Gut, Guthrie was able to leave lo-fi behind in 2003, going into the studio with help from members of The Hidden Cameras, The Constantines, Royal City and Rockets Red Glare to create his most ambitious and popular albums to date, Now, More Than Ever. The album showcases Guthrie's ambitious creativity as a musician and lyricist, and was heralded by reviewers, though it took a while for people to catch on.

Guthrie has been somewhat quiet since the release of Now, More Than Ever, concentrating more on Three Gut. But the label shut it's doors in the summer of 2005, much to the dismay of indie-rock fans. Guthrie has recently created a new website and is working on his next album.





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