Mathis James "Jimmy" Reed (Washington County1925 – september 6, Oakland29 August 1976) was an American bluesguitaristandsinger -. Reed was a remarkableelectric blues musician.


[hide]*1 Biography


Reed learned to play guitar with his friend Eddie Taylor. After he had a number of years locally occurred in 1943, he moved to ChicagoIllinois where he joined the Navyduring the Second World War. In 1945, Reed fired and he went back to Mississippi for a short period, where he married his girlfriend. Before Mary "Mama" Reed moved toGaryIndiana , she worked at Armour & co.

During the 1950s had developed a considerable reputation as a popular artist Drove and got into the band "The Gary Kings" with John Brim. Reed failed to get a record deal of Chess Records, but later signed a contract with Vee-Jay Records. During his time at Vee-Jay Records Reed played together again with Eddie Taylor and soon after gave the song "You Don't Have To Go".The song was his first hit and many hits followed. Reed maintained his reputation, despite his alcoholism. Sometimes woman during his performances had to help him remember the lyrics to his songs. In 1957 got Reed epilepsy.

Although he scored many hits Drove by his personal problems are not the same constant level of similar talented blues artists in his time. When Vee-Jay Records stopped Already settled manager a contract with ABC Records, but Reed failed to score another hit.

In 1968 he toured Europe with the American Folk Blues Festival.

Reed died a few days before his 51st birthday. He was found by the manager/owner Steve Gordon of Savoy Tivoli, a concert venue in San Francisco and the American/Dutch blues musician Michael Daniel, who at Reed as guitarist in the group played. He is buried in Lincoln Cemetery in WorthIllinois.

In 1980, Reed included in the Blues Hall of Fame[1and in 1991 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame[2.


Charting Singles[Edit]Edit

Year Single Hot R & B/Hip-Hop Songs Billboard Hot 100
1956 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby No. 3 -
1956 Can't Stand to See You Go No. 10 -
1956 I Don't Go for That No. 12 -
1956 I Love You Baby No. 13 -
1957 Honest I Do No. 4 No. 32
1957 Honey, Where You Going? No. 10 -
1957 Little Rain No. 7 -
1957 The Sun is Shining No. 12 No. 65
1958 Down in Virginia - No. 93
1959 I Told You Baby No. 19 -
1960 Baby, What You Want Me to Do No. 10 No. 37
1960 Found Love No. 16 No. 88
1960 Hush-Hush No. 18 No. 75
1961 Big Boss Man No. 13 No. 78
1961 Bright Lights, Big City No. 3 No. 58
1961 Close Together - No. 68
1962 Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth - No. 93
1962 Good Lover - No. 77
1963 Shame, Shame, Shame - No. 52


Year Album
1958 I'm Jimmy Reed
1959 Rockin' With Reed
1960 Found Love
1960 Now Appearing
1961 Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall
1962 Just Jimmy Reed
1963 Jimmy Reed Plays 12 String Guitar Blues
1963 Jimmy Reed Sings The Best Of The Blues
1963 T'Ain't No Big Thing But He Is ...Jimmy Reed
1964 Jimmy Reed At Soul City
1965 The Legend: The Man
1967 The New Jimmy Reed Album/Soulin'
1968 Big Boss Man/Down In Virginia
1971 Found Love
1974 Best Of Jimmy Reed
1976 Blues Is My Business

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