Artist: Joan of Arc

Date Released: August 24, 2004

Label: Polyvinyl

Produced By: Bobby Burg


  1. Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
  2. Apocalypse Politics
  3. The Title Track of this Album
  4. Queasy Lynn
  5. White and Wrong
  6. Onomatopoepic Animal Faces
  7. A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
  8. 80's Dance Parties Most of All
  9. Deep Rush
  10. Gripped by the Lips
  11. Fleshy Jeffrey
  12. Abigail, Cops, and Animals
  13. "Still" from Miss Kate's Texture Dictionary
  14. The Details of the Bomb
  15. I Trust a Litter of Kittens Still Keeps the Colosseum
  16. The Telephones have Begun Making Calls
  17. The Cash In and Price


What can I really say about Joan of Arc that has not already been said? The Chicago collective that makes up Joan of Arc (9 artists on this album including frontman mainstay Tim Kinsella and members of Town and Country, Love is Everything, Make Believe, Pit er Pat, Aloha and Owen) has been around for more than 8 years under numerous monikers including Cap’n’Jazz, Owls, and Friend/Enemy. This record, the first on Polyvinyl, is the experimental indie rock that you have come to love from this forward-thinking band, but much more song oriented than recently. Every track has been written, torn apart, reconstructed with even more sounds and then reevaluated for further progression. The end result is an album with unprecedented depth during every second of play. The lyrics match the music in intellect and creativity, and Kinsella’s vocals are more dynamic than ever as his vocal pitch and presentation change with every song. There is not one boring moment on this album and with each listen you pick up another 30 sounds that you missed before. Anyone who wants to make music in the future should pay attention to this band and the ability to use the studio as an instrument. Michael Ardaiolo