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John Dolmayan (born July 15, 1973 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a musician, best known as the drummer for the Armenian-American alternative metal band System of a Down, and current drummer for the band Scars on Broadway. His bandmates for System of a Down are vocalist/keyboardist Serj Tankian, guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian, and bassist Shavo Odadjian. John currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was first interested in drums at the age of 2. His father was a saxophone player. When his mother would take him to watch his father play, he would mimic his father's drummer.

System of a DownEdit

In all John is been a busy man with his mad drumming skills, here is a list of all the albums hes made with various artists.

System of a Down/AlbumsEdit

Serj TankianEdit

Scars on BroadwayEdit

Other InterestsEdit

John has stated numerous times that he is going to make a comic book company since he is so much of a comic book fan. In his special drums he has it carved with various super hero characters/Villon.


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System of a Down
Serj TankianDaron MalakianShavo OdadjianJohn Dolmayan
Andy Khachaturian
System of a Down Discography
Albums: System of a Down - Toxicity (album) - Steal This Album! - Mezmerize - Hypnotize
EPs: Sugar - Limited Edition Tour CD - Lonely Day
Singles:Sugar“ • “Spiders“ • “Johnny“ • “Chop Suey“ • “Toxicity“ • “Aerials“ • “Innervision“ • “B.Y.O.B“ • “Question!“ • “Violent Pornography“ • “Hypnotize“ • “Lonely Day“ • “Kill Rock 'n Roll

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