Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 1994

Label: Elektra

Produced By: Paul Fox and Ed Thacker with They Might Be Giants


  1. Subliminal
  2. Snail Shell
  3. Sleeping In The Flowers
  4. Unrelated Thing
  5. AKA Driver (a/k/a Nyquil Driver
  6. I Should Be Allowed To Think
  7. Extra Savoir-Faire
  8. Why Must I Be Sad?
  9. Spy
  10. O, Do Not Forsake Me (with Hudson Shad on vocals)
  11. No One Knows My Plan
  12. Dirt Bike
  13. Destination Moon
  14. A Self Called Nowhere
  15. Meet James Ensor
  16. Thermostat
  17. Window
  18. Out Of Jail
  19. Stomp Box
  20. The End Of The Tour

This is the first They Might Be Giants album with a full band (and all since have had a full band, though it changes between albums), and surprisingly, one of the best They Might Be Giants albums of all of them. Typically when a band drastically changes its sound, it's for the worse, but John Henry works particularly well (especially with the prominent and frequent use of a horn section). The only reason I could see not recommending this one as an introduction to They Might Be Giants is that it's the most atypical release from them (which, I suppose is saying something for a band known for its atypicality). Still, though, this album is full of wonderful songs, from the exquisitely beautiful "The End Of The Tour", to the organ-based rocker "Out Of Jail" to the conga "No One Knows My Plan" and the, well, "Dig My Grave"-retread of "Stomp Box" (hey, "Dig My Grave" is an awesome song—I'm cool with John Linnell basically rewriting it). This is just an outstanding album. Perhaps not the most "They Might Be Giantsy" They Might Be Giants album, but a damn fine pop-rock album. Definitely recommended. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

If there was ever a 'for fans only' album, this is it. Most people with only a passing (or beginning) interest in They Might Be Giants will want to hear them do what they do best - succinct, unpredictable pop music. Here, they tried their hand at longer songs, a more downtrodden atmosphere, and heavy guitar rock. Listeners who feel the band is out of their element can't really be blamed, but those with an affection for the group will revel in this more serious set of songs. A nice departure, but you might want to start elsewhere. --

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