Artist: The Beach Boys

Album: Love You

Appears On (Mixes): Aila's Mp3 Of The Week

Song Notes: I actually love this song. It's obviously from Brian Wilson's "insane" period (which, I suppose, covers most of his life). But anyway, this is from one of the Beach Boys records from what are typically considered "the bad years," 1977's Love You. I don't neccessarily agree with that assessment, sure a lot of the stuff from this era was pretty bad (although in no way as bad as the 80s or 90s), but there were definately some great songs, even if they never again reached the dizzy heights of Pet Sounds. Regardless of all the eccentricities, this is one of those moments, in my opinion. It's catchy but the lyrics are baffling, whether you explain them as just a reflection of Brian's mental state, or as one of the most extreme cases of brown-nosing in an attempt to get on a TV show ever... - Aila


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