Johnny Dunn (Memphis (Tennessee), 19 February 1897 - Paris20 August 1937) was an American jazztrumpeter. He was a pioneer of the plunger mute (playing the trumpet with a silencer) and played among others with W.C. HandyJerry Roll Morton and Fats Waller. Before Louis Armstrong inFletcher Henderson 's band was going to play (1924), Dunn was the trumpeter in New York.

Dunn went to Fisk University in Nashville. He played solo in Memphis and was discovered around 1916 by pianist W.C. Handy, who took him in his band. He played there until 1920 and gained notoriety by his game in ' Sergeant Dunn's Bugle Call '. In 1920 he went to the band of bluessingerMamie Smith, with whom he made recordings in 1920 and 1921. In 1921, he formed his own band, Original Jazz Hounds, with which he recorded.He also accompanied singer Edith Wilson on recordings for Columbia Records (1921-1922). In 1922, he joined Plantation Orchestra that the music played for the revue ' Plantation ', in which Edith Wilson sang. The same revue became under the name ' From Dover Street to Dixie ' in 1923 in London run. That year he also made several recordings with his band. Slowly, he was overtaken by all kinds of trumpet players (such as Louis Armstrong) and the play was seen as old-fashioned by Dunn.

Dunn was again in Europe In 1926, now with the Lew Leslie 's Blackbirds revue ' ' that in London's Pavillion Theatre had 276 performances. The Orchestra of the revue, the Plantation Orchestra conducted by Pike Davies made that year also some recordings for Columbia. He played among others in Southern Syncopated Orchestra (with Sidney Bechet) and Noble Sissle's Orchestra.He also played in shows including Florence Mills and Josephine Baker. In 1928 he made recordings with Jelly Roll Morton in New York (March 13), and with Fats Waller and James p. Johnson(March 26). He returned to Europe with Noble Sissle Orchestra and remained there then hang. He had his own band, the New Yorkers, and lived for some years in Netherlands and Denmark.When he died of tuberculosis at the age of 40 he was virtually forgotten.

Discography (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • Complete Works, volume 1 (1921-1922), Document, cd
  • Complete Works, volume 2 (1922-1928), Document, cd
  • Cornet Blues, Frog, cd

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