Johnny Kidd and the Pirates was a British rock band, which existed between 1959 and the Kidd's sudden death in 1966. The Group had a number of hits, one of which, Shakin' All Over, the first took place in theUK Singles Chart .


 [verbergen*1 Johnny Kidd

Johnny Kidd[Edit]Edit

Johnny Kidd
Promotional poster
General information
Full name Frederick Albert Heath
Born 23 december1935
D. 7 October1966
Country [1]

United Kingdom

Years active 1956-1966
Genre (s) Rock and roll
Job (s) Singersongwriter
Instrument (s) vocals
Label (s) His master's Voice
Act (s) Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
Portal  [2]   Music

Johnny Kidd (WillesdenNorth London23 december 1935 – BuryLancashire,[17 October 1966) was called in reality Frederick Albert Heath. Around 1956 he becameguitarist in a skiffle group. The group called himself The Frantic Four and later changed its name to The Nutters. In addition put Heath himself to writing songs.

In 1959 did Heath and his band audition at His master's VoicePlease do not Touch on, they took a rock and rollnummer. The record company offered the group a contract, but enabled as a condition that the name of the band, Freddie Heath and the Nutters, in Johnny Kidd and the Pirates would be changed. It is not known whose idea that was.

Please Don't Touch a small hit. Johnny Kidd distinguished himself from other English rockers such as Billy Fury , Marty Wildeor because he's not Elvis Presley tried or some other American Idol to imitate. He had a different style.

The next few years worked Kidd and his Pirates hard on their ' stage-act '. They performed in pirate costumes with a pirate ship as decor. Kidd himself wore an eye patch and a cutlass, with which he swung dangerously during performances and occasionally the shelves from the scene damaged. With the cutlass was the last when his insurer made it clear that the damage thus caused will no longer would be reimbursed. Despite his preference for music coming out of the fashion began to hit, Kidd was very interested in technique. He experimented during live performances often with a Copicat, a device that gave his voice an echo effect.

After the only number-one hit for the group, Shakin' All Over , gradually disappeared from 1960 the interest for the group, despite a completely new occupation in 1961.That was only going to get worse with the rise of the Merseybeat. In 1966 joined Kidd with a new group, The New Pirates, and he adapted somewhat to the new flavor to.Whether this is a comeback could not answer.

On 7 October 1966 were Johnny Kidd and his bassist Nick Simper became, after a futile trip to a performance that was a business meeting and thereafter, as passengers in a car when the driver near Bury in Lancashire[1lost power over the handlebars and front man rammed on an oncoming. Johnny Kidd and the passenger in the other car were killed instantly. The two drivers were seriously injured. Simper became came off it with a broken arm and a broken nose. [2]

Kidd has been married twice and had three children.

The Pirates[Edit]Edit

The Pirates were a breeding ground for talent. Many members of the group are later ended up at other famous groups.

The first occupation was (after some teething problems):

This composition, vocals, guitar, bass and drums, was quite unusual at the time. At the four-man groups existed, usually played the singer a second guitar. That was, for example, the occupation of The Beatles.Johnny Kidd and the Pirates brought the singer Roger Daltrey of The Who on the idea to lay aside the guitar and to sing, accompanied by guitar, bass and drums. When The Who even The Detours were called, they had toured with Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Led Zeppelin also Later had this occupation.

All three stepped In 1961 Alan Caddy and Clem Cattini on. Pirates left for The Tornados, where Brian Gregg later also signed as a youth player. Kidd brought a new band together with the Pirates:

  • Johnny Patto, guitar
  • Johnny Spence, bass guitar
  • Frank Farley, drums

All three were from a group called The Redcaps. Patto soon left and was replaced by Mick Green (1944-2010), also an ex-Redcap. Green left in 1964 to Billy j. Kramer with The Dakotas. Frank Farley in 1966 followed his example. In 1968 they played together in The Cliff Bennett Band.

From 1964 the occupation often exchanged. Between 1964 and two months for Kidds death counted the five group members. The fifth was an organist and pianist. The following people have also been part of The Pirates:

In april 1966 sat Kidd even without band. In May there was a new band, now under the name Johnny Kidd and the New Pirates with Mick Stewart, Nick Simper became in August 1966, and Roger Truth to Ray Soper.

After the death of Kidd in October 1966 went Mick Stewart (guitar), Nick Simper became (bass) and Roger Truth (drums) continues as The New Pirates. They got reinforcement of Johnny Goodison (keyboard and vocals), while Roger Truth soon was replaced by Kenny Slade. The group toured with the American singer Bobby Hebb. After a few months the group still held out in ever-changing lineups.

Formed In 1976, Mick Green, Johnny Spence and Frank Farley, now as a new version of The Pirates 3-piece band. The Group continued to occur regularly in 1982 and then occasionally to Greens death in 2010.

Another ' Pirates'-band that occasionally occurs, Kidd Kane & the Pirates with:

  • Kidd Kane, vocals
  • Joe Moretti Jr., guitar
  • Brian Gregg, the original bass guitarist
  • Clem Cattini, the original drummer

Both groups played and play songs from the 1950s and 1960s and some new songs in the same style.


The first and third single by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Please Don't Touch (1959) and You Got What It Takes, took both the 25th place in the UK Singles Chart, the British hit parade. The second single went inglorious at under. The fourth single, Shakin' All Over, was their biggest success.

The song was originally intended as a back of Yes Sir, that's My Baby, a song from the repertoire of Ricky Nelson. Johnny Kidd wrote Shakin' All Over the day before the shooting and everyone was made the song so well that it was bombed to front. For the recording of the song was an extra guitarist Joe Moretti, the hired session musician (1938-2012). [3Moretti made it for the song characteristic ' zeng'-sound by with a lighter between the strings of his guitar on the ferrets to iron out. The plate brought out in August 1960 the first place in the UK Singles Chart.

The song was later covered by dozens of artists, including The WhoThe Swinging Blue JeansHumble PieIggy PopWanda Jackson and Suzi Quatro. Two versions were also the charts: the Canadian group The Guess Who, which in 1965 with Shakin' All Over the single on the Canadian charts and the Australian singer Normie Rowe, pulled out, which in 1965 with Que Sera, Sera/Shakin ' All Over (A double A-side) in most Australian charts also came to be number one. [4]

In 1965 brought Johnny Kidd and the Pirates a new version of the song as Shakin' All Over ' 65. The original version was in 1976, when Kidd ten years was dead, re-released, and again in 1980 and 1983. None of these plates was a hit.

Restless, the successor of Shakin' All Over (september 1960), came no further than the 22nd place in the UK Singles Chart. Then came Johnny Kidd and the Pirates still three times back in the lower regions of the charts, once in the top twenty (one twentieth place for Hungry For Love from 1963) and one time in the top ten (a fourth place for I'll Never Get over You, also from 1963).

Despite the varying success in the charts, the group typically a full agenda until 1965 when it went to gigs. In 1962 played Kidd and his Pirates in the Cavern Club in Liverpool and then left them to Hamburg, where she performed in the Star-Club. There they performed for the first time with a pirate ship painted on a piece of textile as the backdrop. In both clubs, they were later been back.

The Group remained stubbornly rock-'n-roll play, while those music style out of fashion began to hit. In 1965 ran the interest in their music still further back, with as low a gig for only 75 people. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates followed in 1966 almost only in small venues and got paid for that little. Yet it took in april 1966, when The Pirates were runaway, Kidd little effort to find a new band.

The posthumously released Send for That Girl took out the hit parade not.

Although the Group has made recordings for a LP, there is over the life of the Kidd never appeared. Obviously there are after his death though compilation albums with music by the Group appeared.



  • 1959:
    • Please Don't Touch/Growl (HMV POP 615, 25 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • If You Were the Only Girl in the World/Feelin' (HMV POP 674)
  • 1960:
    • You Got What It Takes/Longin' Lips (HMV POP 698, 25 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • Shakin' All Over /Yes Sir, that's My Baby (HMV POP 753, 1 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • Restless/Magic of Love (HMV POP 790, 22 in the UK Singles Chart)
  • 1961:
    • Linda Lu/Let's Talk about Us (HMV POP 853, 48 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • Please Don't Bring Me Down/So What (HMV POP 919)
  • 1962:
    • Hurry On Back to Love/I Want That (HMV POP 978, Johnny Kidd solo)
    • A Shot of Rhythm and Blues/I Can Tell (HMV POP 1088, 48 in the UK Singles Chart)
  • 1963:
    • I'll Never Get over You/Then I Got Everything (HMV POP 1173, 4 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • Hungry For Love/Ecstasy (HMV POP 1228, 20 in the UK Singles Chart)
  • 1964:
    • My Babe/Castin' My Spell (HMV POP 1250, only The Pirates)
    • Always and Ever/Doctor Feelgood [5(HMV POP 1269, 46 in the UK Singles Chart)
    • Jealous Girl/Shop Around (HMV POP 1309)
    • Whole Lotta Woman/Your Cheatin' Heart (HMV POP 1353)
  • 1965:
    • The Birds and the Bees/Don't Make the Same Mistake as I did (HMV POP 1397)
    • Shakin' All Over ' 65/Gotta Travel On (HMV POP 1424)
  • 1966:
    • Shades of Blue/Can't understand (Polydor BM56712, only The Pirates)
    • It's Got to Be You/I Hate Getting Up in the Morning (HMV POP 1520, Johnny Kidd solo)
    • Send for That Girl/The Fool (HMV POP 1559, released after the death of Johnny Kidd)
  • 1976:
    • Shakin' All Over/Yes Sir, that's My Baby (EMI 2414)
  • 1977:
    • Please Don't Touch/I'll Never Get over You (EMI 2667)
  • 1980:
    • Shakin' All Over/A Shot of Rhythm & Blues (HMV POP 2005)
  • 1983:
    • Shakin' All Over/I'll Never Get over You (Old Gold, located)

Compilations (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • 1983:
    • Rarities (lp and cd): I Know/Oh Boy/Where Are You/A Little Bit of Soap/Steady Date/More of the Same/I Just Want to Make Love to You/This Golden Ring/Right String but the Wrong Yo Yo/Can't Turn You Loose/Shakin' All Over ' 65/I Hate Getting Up in the Morning/Send for That Girl/Hurry On Back to Love/You Got What It Takes/The Fool/Ecstasy/Shop Around/Weep No More My Baby/Whole Lotta Woman(lp: CM 120; See For Miles cd: See For Miles CD 120)
  • 2003:
    • The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album/Your Cheating Heart (cd): Shakin' All Over /I Can Tell/Linda Lu/Let's Talk about Us/Hungry for Love/I'll Never Get over You/So What/Please Don't Bring Me Down/Send for That Girl/Whole Lotta Woman/Please Don't Touch/Shop Around/I Want That/Doctor Feelgood/Restless/Shakin' All Over ' 65/Your Cheatin' Heart/Longing Lips/Baby You Have Got What It Takes/Gotta Travel On/Weep No More My Baby/Feelin'/Jealous Girl/it's Got to Be You/The Fool/ Don't Make the Same Mistake as I Did/Big Blon ' Baby/Then I Got Everything/A Shot of Rhythm & Blues/Magic of Love (BGO CD580)
  • 2012:
    • Shakin' All Over: The Early Singles 1959-1961 (lp): Please Don't Touch/Growl/Steady Date/Feelin'/If You Were the Only Girl in the World/You Got What It Takes/Longin' Lips/Yes Sir, that's My Baby/ Shakin' All Over /Restless/Magic of Love/Linda Lu/Let's Talk about Us/Big Blon ' Baby/Weep No More My Baby/More of the Same (Rumble Records RUM2011032)

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