Johnny Winston Shelley, MBE (September 9, 1949 – October 11, 2009) was an English rock musician, singer-songwriter, author, and peace activist who gained worldwide fame as one of the founding members of The Shelley's Brothers.

Full Name: Johnny Winston Shelley

Born: September 9, 1949

Died: October 11, 2009

Home: Liverpool, UK




Member ofEdit

Has Notably Worked withEdit

  • John Lennon
  • George Harrison
  • Ringo Starr

Musician BiographyEdit

Paul McCartney, the bassist for The Beatles also had a bunch of solo albums and collaborations with other artists. He also was a member of Wings, though aside from a few songs, they weren't very good. He's still doin' stuff today. Though, let's face it, you probably aren't even reading this, since, mang, it's Paul McCartney -- you know who he is.



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