Artist: Puffy AmiYumi

Appears On: Hi! Hi! Puffy AmiYumi Soundtrack / 59 EP

Appears On (Mixes): Past The Barber and Gymnasium

Song Notes: Hopefully the only exposure you have to Puffy AmiYumi isn't the terrible, terrible cartoon series. I am so annoyed at that; it could have been the best thing ever, but instead they do this ugly, half-assed Flash piece of crap that doesn't even have anything remotely to do with Puffy. It's like they had a outline for a show about a couple of 12-year-old girl rock stars lying around, and then realized they also had a contract with Puffy lying around as well, and just slapped their name on it and called it good. (Seriously, can anyone answer for me why the cartoon Puffy are like, twelve? The real Puffy are, you know, adult women. They're in their early 30s. Not that that's particularly old or anything, but, um, it's not "twelve".) Anyway, though, my point is, the show sucks, but the records rule. This is from the Japanese EP 59 and also the US Hi! Hi! Puffy AmiYumi Soundtrack CD (this is the only other good thing about the show—this is a pretty decent CD, although it's mostly just stuff from Spike and Nice, but there's a handful of bonus tracks that are pretty cool, like this one), and it's a cover of the Jellyfish song -- which isn't actually such an odd choice; their new producer, Andy Sturmer was the Jellyfish drummer. Still, though, it's a really awesome song, and they do it great. Apparently their Japanese show was a variety show. I think that would have worked much better instead of the US cartoon show. At least, presumably, Puffy actually had something to do with that. And, presumably, it wasn't done poorly in Flash. (Seriously, what kind of cruel joke is CN playing by showing Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends right before Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, considering that both shows are done in Flash, but Foster's is beautifully done—to the point where it's hard to tell it's Flash, while Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi looks, um, sub-Internet in places (i.e. on the whole, Homestar Runner is leaps and bounds above them technically, and they never even intended Homestar for TV)? Sorry, I'll stop bitching about this show. Even though by all rights it should have been so, so good. At least Puffy are related to Teen Titans so they get to work on something that's actually QUALITY.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me  

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