Jonathan Fobbs (born 1985) is an American pop singer-songwriter and composer-producer.

Jonathan's Aliases Edit

When producing, Jonathan has appeared under the alias LATE WATCH.

Background Edit

Raised in New York by musician parents.

Early Musical Involvement Edit

Throughout his teenage years, Jonathan played conga and trumpet member of the Young Razzcals Jazz Project (Lead by renowned pianist-trumpeter Dave Adams), gaining experience alongside the likes of Steve Nygaard and Butch Miles. Jonathan also played and sang in his parents' church for years and lead worship in churches.

Musical Style Edit

Jonathan's music is unique in that he notably sights piano rock, bosa nova, and the the Japanese shibuya-kei movement as main sources of inspiration. He has been known to enjoy and study a broad of musical genres; appreciating Bjork as much as Busta Rhymes.

Musical Ministry Edit

Combining eclectic compositions with uncompromising lyrics, Jonathan manages to find the balance between deep artistry and pure good news of the gospel. Jonathan’s passion for music is surpassed only by his love for his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jonathan serves the one true king who brought him out of the curse of sin and into His marvelous light.

Having a clear, prayer-saturated, vision for the brand of contemporary Christian music that the Lord has blessed him with. Jonathan recently released his self-produced EP “Clear Cut” on and is determined to take the Word that the Lord has put into his heart to vastly further horizons.

The Debut EP Edit

Jonathan Fobbs a.k.a. the producer Think Tank, arrives with his premiere EP. His self-produced debut has appropriately been titled Clear Cut and features 6 tracks including the hits “Good Friend.” and "Dooms Day.” Thriving off of intense musicality and a straightforward message, Jonathan manages to find the balance between deep artistry and pure good news of the gospel. Clear Cut fuses a wealth of influences from piano rock and jazz, to folk and J-pop. Holy hip hop artist and producer Sean Slaughter even contributes to the songs “Paper Trust” and “Martyr Tag.” The future of Christian pop music is cut clearly here for all listeners to experience.

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