Jumprava is a lativan Synth-pop band formed in the 1980's. Because of their musical style they were named the “latvian Depeche Mode” and is one of the most popular and legendary lativan bands.


1984 – 1992Edit

Jumprava were banded in April 1984 consisting of Ainārs Ašmanis, Māris Jurjāns, Ainārs Vilde and Antonija Breidaka. In summer, four further members join the band: Hermanis Kaminskis, Ingus Ulmanis, Aigars Votišķis and Aigars Grāvers. Later this year, Vilde and Breidaka left the band. As a four-piece-outfit they record the album “No tēvu zemes” (“The grounding fathers”) in 1985. In the year 1986 Kaminskis and Jurjāns left the band and Aigars Krēsla and Aigars Grauba substituted them. Jumprava joined the big soviet label Мелодия (Melody) to participate with the song «Остановка Н» to the compilation «Mikrofons – 86». In 1987 a band crisis results that Ulmanis and Votišķis left the band and both form a new band named Ladezers. Their second album named “Grupa «Jumprava»” / “Группа «Юмправа»”, but mostly titled as “Jumprava 87–88” were released in 1988 and earned big success. The last album before disbanding were released in 1989 and were named “Pilsēta” (“The City”). As a four-piece-outfit consisting of Aigars Krēsla, Aigars Grauba, Ainārs Ašmanis and Aigars Grāvers, the band disbanded in 1992 for unknown reasons.

1997 – present Edit

In 1997 the band reunite with the same cast like before and signed at Platforma Records. So in 1998 they could release a new album named “Laika atšķirību romance” (“Offset romance”). In the 2000's Jumprava had not much band activity at all and so 2001 and 2005 they were two further albums.



  • No tēvu zemes (1985)
  • Grupa Jumprava / Группа “Юмправа” (1988)
  • Pilsēta (1989)
  • Laika atšķirību Romance (1998)
  • Trajektorija (2001)
  • Inkarmo (2005)

Greatest Hits ReleasesEdit

  • Jumprava I-II-III-IV (1994)
  • Jumprava 84-87 (1995)
  • Jumprava 88-90 (1996)
  • Labāko dziesmu izlase (1999)
  • Labāko dziesmu izlase II daļa 1984 – 1990 (2005)
  • Jumprava (DVD) (2005)
  • Labāko dziesmu dubultizlase: Dzīvo silti! (2006)


  • Vēlreiz (1988)
  • Ziemeļmeita (1988)

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