File:Jurassicpark5 200.jpg
File:"Jurassic Park" - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Jurassic Park parodies scenes and the general plot of the Jurassic Park and was approved by Steven Spielberg. The animation was done by Mark Osbourne. Parodied concepts include "Weird Al" attempting to hold a door shut on a velociraptor. a brontosaurus accidentally steps on someone, and the chaos theory is shown on a chalkboard as a large equation, which turns into a spinning globe,"Weird Al" lifts up his shirt to reveal that he has been disemboweled. The main gate of Jurassic Park is shown several times, Barney dances to the song, but a T. Rex bites his head off. and the T. Rex turns on the people filming. including the "director" who resembles Steven Spielberg, raises a sign that says "Cut!" before evacuating the set. At the end, Yankovic rides the helicopter and as the helicopter flies what appears to be far away in the distance, a T. Rex appears, eats it, then looks at the camera and burps. The T. Rex then winks as the scene irises to black.

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