Just A-sittin' and A-rockin' is a composition by jazz-band leader Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn from 1941. The text of the song, about a loved one who is ran away, was written by Lee Gaines.

The song first came out in september of that year, on Victor Records. Initially mentioned the label of the plate the title "Just a-Settin ' and a-rockin'", on later pressings was that "Just A-SiA-ttin ' and Rockin '".

The recording was not a big hit for Ellington, but the Orchestra leader has played it until the mid-1960s at gigs and recorded several times ' again ', for CapitolColumbia (for example with Rosemary Clooney) andVerve Records (Ella Fitzgerald). Also have the band members after their time with Ellington often played and on the plate.

Other musicians, groups and vocalists that the recordings include Art TatumWoody HermanStan KentonMilt JacksonOscar PetersonBuddy Rich Horace Parlan and Cleo Laine.

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