"Just as Long as We're Together" was Prince's second single released from his 1978 debut album, For You.[1] While "Soft and Wet" was more funk-based, "Just as Long as We're Together" is an all-out disco track. The song was re-recorded multiple times to prove Prince's talents to Warner Bros. Records executives before he received his three-album recording contract. The lyrics are fairly tame, and state that everything will be "alright" when he and his woman are together. The song consists of two verses and multiple repeats of the chorus before a coda at the end. The coda is actually an instrumental track originally called "Jelly Jam" that was added to the main track, and modified over time to blend into it.

The B-side of the track was the album track, "In Love". The single peaked at #91 on the R&B charts and did not enter the pop charts.

Track listings[edit]Edit

7" single
  • A. "Just as Long as We're Together" (edit) – 3:25
  • B. "In Love" – 3:38
7" promo
  • A. "Just as Long as We're Together" (mono edit) – 3:25
  • B. "Just as Long as We're Together" (stereo edit) – 3:25
12" promo[2]
  • A. "Just as Long as We're Together" (Disco Mix) – 6:29
  • B. "Soft and Wet" (Disco Mix) – 3:02

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