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Kajmak i Katran is the third solo album by Serbian rapper Ajs Nigrutin.


01. Uvodni Katran (0:00)

02. Papucar G (0:58)

03. Jagodice Sondice (3:40)

04. Zuluf (feat. Borsc) (6:48)

05. Osuseni Prokelj (9:53)

06. Prelaz Pola Leba i Salama (12:53)

07. Puftam Iz Mistolja (13:46)

08. Krave (feat. Crux) (17:00)

09. Letnji zur (Crazy summer mix) (feat. Timjah) (19:58)

10. Isporuka Mazuta (22:06)

11. Sexy medeni (feat. Blind Buisness & Wikluh Sky) (25:33)

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