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Kammarheit is a Swedish dark ambient project. The only member of this project is Pär Boström,[1] who is a resident of Umeå, Sweden. It currently runs on the label Cyclic Law.[2][3]

Discography Edit

Official Albums Edit

  • Asleep and Well Hidden (2003)
  • The Starwheel (2005)
  • The Nest (2015)

Unofficial Albums Edit

  • Shockwork (2000)
  • Among The Ruins (2001)
  • At The Heart Of Destruction (2001)
  • Somewhere Concealed (2002)
  • The Downfall And The Arising (2002)
  • The Northern Hymn (2002)

Compilations Edit

  • Nord Ambient Alliance (2002)
  • LIVE AKTION – Klabböle Kraftverk (2002–2004)

Other Releases Edit

  • Of Dawn And Of Ice, Split EP with Phelios (2009)

Cities Last Broadcast Edit

Cities Last Broadcast is a side project of Pär Boström. Its only album, The Cancelled Earth, was released in 2009 on Cyclic Law and is mostly produced with urban field recordings.[4]

References Edit

External links Edit

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