Kanon Wakeshima is a Japanese singer and cellist, born on June 28, 1988 and currently aged twenty-three.

She is shown to have made a debuted preformance on May 28, 2008 with her single, "Still Doll", which was featured at the ending of the anime series, Vampire Knight. She was later nominated for a Best Newcomer award for 2008 in the fourth annual Shojo Beat Music Awards. Kanon is shown to incorperate her cello playing within most of her music, and has stated that she names her cellos.


When she was around the age of three, Kanon began learning to play the cello, later creating an ensemble group once she was in junior high. At the age of fifteen, she transitioned from her former classical ensembles into playing in the barquoe section. Soon after junior high, Kanon began writing her own songs and singing on her own. She preformed her first vocal preformances at a high school festival, and later Kanon auditioned at Sonya Music Entertainment as a singer. She was announced a finalist, and she debuted with her single, "Still Doll." Kanon is shown to use three cellos; one while preforming, one for music videos, and one for recording-and is she has stated that she names all these cellos.

  • Her white cello is known as "Mikazuki-san", which means "crescent moon".
  • Her red cello is known as "Nanachie-san", which means "wisdom".
  • Her brown cello called "Yaeharu-san", which means "multi-layered spring".
  • Currently, she also has a new silver cello named "Momotose."

Her newly-formed group is called KanonxKanon.


  • Shinshoku Dolce in 2009.
  • Lolitawork Libretto in 2010.


  • Still Doll in 2008.
  • Suna no Oshiro in 2008.
  • Tōmei no Kagi in 2009.


  • Calendula Requiem in 2010.
  • Koi no Doutei in early 2011.

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