Artist: Värttinä

Album: Aitara

Appears On (Mixes): Robotmonster's Mp3s For Phancy.Com

Song Notes: Unless you're already a fan of the Finnish scene, Värttinä will be new to you—but they've existed as a band since the 80s, redefining what folk music can be in any country with a whirlwind of rich, intense, dizzying vocals—not to imply that the instrumentalists are anything but first-rate, as well. I had a rare chance to see them live here in Toronto a couple of months back—before I really knew anything about them—and I had no idea I could be so completely blown away by songs I couldn't begin to understand. The track I've chosen to offer you here might give you some idea of just how all-consuming an experience they can provide. (Their Site) - Robot Monster


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