Kate Adams (born in Bankstown on 10 December 1975) is a multi instrumentalist singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, teacher and music therapist, curently residing in the inner Sydney suburb of Stanmore. Alhtough proficient on a number of instruments, Adams is most renowned as a keyboard and piano player.

Adams was educated at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she obtained an honours degreee in Music Education before completing post graduate studies in Music Therapy at the University of Technology, Sydney. During her time as a student, Adams honed her musical talents through the rigorous demands of Conservatorium life. In addition, Adams was exposed to a range of musical influences and styles during this time through jamming with her musical peers and her immersion in the vibrant Sydney music scene of the mid to late 1990s.

Adam's is related to leading Australian electoronica musician, Paul Mac, who is also a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

At the end of the 1990s Adams met then Sydney based singer and guitarist Glen Colley, forming the band The Trophy Wives in late 1999. By 2000 the Trophy Wives had become regular fixtures at a number of leading Sydney venues, supporting the likes of the Mess Hall and Mick Thomas (amongst others). The band released a well received demo in 2001 titled "In it for the Money" before splitting at the end of 2002.

In 2005, Adams and Colley re-united, forming a new band called Honest John. Honest John have become a stable of the Sydney and South Coast music scenes, releasing their debut EP "Better Days" to critical acclaim in 2007. Adams influence on Colley's songwriting is evident through the strong melody of her keyboards and vocal harmonies she brings to the songs on Better Days. In particular, the piano work on the songs Two Sides and subtle keyboard additions to Ends in Tears showcase her unique talents as well as the musical depth she brings to the band.

Honest John continue to play regular gigs and have built up a loyal and devoted following with their original take on folk influenced rock.

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