Kristian Palowski, better known by his stage name Kay the Aquanaut, is a Canadian alternative hip hop artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]



  • Solitude Savannah (Off Beat, 2002)
  • Waist Deep in Concrete (Side Road, 2004)
  • Metropolis Now (Side Road, 2006) (with Def3 & Forgetful Jones, as Metropolis Now)
  • Spinning Blue Planet (Side Road, 2007)
  • Nickelodeon Ethics (Side Road, 2009)
  • Waterloo (Circle into Square, 2011)
  • Letters from Laika (Circle into Square, 2013)
  • TBA (Phonographique, 2014)[11]
  • TBA (Phonographique, 2014)[12]


  • Pangean Drift (Circle into Square, 2012)

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