Title: Nappy Roots Music Presents - Kentucky Kolonels Volume One

Artist: Various

Date Released: July 4th. 2006

Label: Nappy Roots Music

Produced By: Various


  1. Intro
  2. Rep Da Ville - R. Prophet
  3. Shoe Box - Below Zero
  4. Chrome On Da Wheels - Komitee, Native, Casino
  5. Sidekik - Nppy Roots
  6. What A Balla Do - Shonte', D'Lana, Baby Loc, B. Stille
  7. Act A Donkey - KY Boys, Big "V"
  8. Checks Out - G-Mack, Young Cash, Young Studio
  9. Glam Life - Hug Bizza, B. Stille, Taylor Mayd
  10. Birthday Anthem - Hurricane
  11. Flip Flop - Q The Creep, Skinny DeVille
  12. Slumz - Kasper, Fishscales
  13. Do It Like That - Nappy Roots, Louis Keyz, Chillie
  14. Real As It Gets - Baby Loc, Big "V"
  15. I-65 - The The Villebillies, Fishscales, B.Stille
  16. Drop, Shake - Big "V"
  17. Dream - Kash Kappo
  18. I'm Fly - Cleazy, Fishscales
  19. Er'body Knows - Bukshot, Mack D, Ron Clutch
  20. Real Talk - The Voice, 2X
  21. Rep Da Ville (remix) - Skinny DeVille, Static, K.D., Louis Keyz, Chick Boss, Chillie, Streetwise


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