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Artist: The Residents

Label: EuroRalph

Produced By: The Residents

Tracklisting: DISK ONE: DVD

  1. Secret Seed
  2. The Observer
  3. Cry For The Fire
  4. This Is A Man's Man's Man's World
  5. From the Plains to Mexico
  6. Bury Me Not
  7. How to Get a Head
  8. Dinah and the Unclean Skin
  9. Fire Fall
  10. Man's World
  11. Constantinople
  12. One Minute Movies
  13. Burn Baby Burn
  14. Benny the Bouncing Bump
  15. Bridegroom of Blood
  16. Ty's Freak Show
  17. Freak Show Live - Introduction
  18. Freak Show Live - Herman The Human Mole
  19. Satisfaction (Mole Show)
  20. Moscow (Icky Flix)
  21. Before the Encore (Icky Flix tour)
  22. Snakefinger Interview (excerpt)
  23. The Baby King (Cube-E)
  24. Something Devilish (The Boarding House)
  25. Kick a Cat (Oh Mummy Oh Daddy...)

DISK TWO: The Mole Show '82, The 13th Anniversary Show '86, Cube-E '89

  1. snippet
  2. Penn Jillette’s Greeting
  3. snippet
  4. Marching To The Sea
  5. snippet
  6. Mole Show (end of Act 1)
  7. snippet
  8. Happy Home
  9. snippet
  10. Rich Shupe’s Intro
  11. snippet
  12. Hello Skinny
  13. snippet
  14. Picnic In The Jungle
  15. snippet
  16. Monkey And Bunny
  17. snippet
  18. Walter Westinghouse
  19. snippet
  20. Intro by David Sanbourne
  21. Buckaroo Blues/The Stampede
  22. snippet
  23. Black Barry/Engine 44/Voodoo Queen
  24. snippet
  25. Shorty and Shirley

DISK THREE: Disfigured Night '97, Wormwood '99, Icky Flix '01

  1. snippet
  2. Disfigured Night Intro
  3. snippet
  4. Disfigured Night (excerpt 1)
  5. snippet
  6. Disfigured Night (excerpt 2)
  7. snippet
  8. Wormwood (opening)
  9. snippet
  10. I Hate Heaven
  11. snippet
  12. Hanging By His Hair
  13. snippet
  14. Mr. Misery
  15. snippet
  16. Judas Saves
  17. snippet
  18. Old Time Religion
  19. snippet
  20. Icky Flix Theme
  21. snippet
  22. The Gingerbread Man (excerpt)
  23. snippet
  24. Just For You
  25. snippet
  26. Theme From Buckaroo Blues

DISK FOUR: Bonus Disk- One Night Stands (rare & unreleased)

  1. Live Intro
  2. American Band Story
  3. 44
  4. snippet
  5. Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
  6. snippet
  7. The Party (excerpt)
  8. snippet
  9. Eloise
  10. snippet
  11. Numb Erone/Satisfaction/Kick A Cat
  12. snippet
  13. Howard
  14. snippet
  15. Loss of Innocence
  16. snippet
  17. Tension Of The String
  18. snippet
  19. Constantinople
  20. snippet
  21. Herman The Human Mole
  22. snippet
  23. Paint It Black
  24. snippet
  25. The Snakey Wake (excerpt)
  26. snippet
  27. Jack the Boneless Boy
  28. snippet
  29. Would We Be Alive?/Kamikazi Lady
  30. snippet
  31. D Is For Doorknob
  32. snippet
  33. Walter Westinghouse


This is the exception that proves the rule to the "Residents Cannot Release A Live Video To Save Their Lives" thing. This comes with a DVD, where there are little bits of each tour, shot in a really nice way that lets you see what's going on, and is basically really cool. This is what pretty much all of the other live video stuff should have been. It's a pity none of it is complete, when it comes to shows. The other stuff in here (it's a 4 disc box: 3 CD, 1 DVD) are live recordings taken from all across their career, and are pretty cool, but the DVD is the main thing for me. It's awesome.

Shows on here: The Mole Show, 13th Anniversary Show, Cube-E, Icky Flix, Ty's Freak Show/Prague Freak Show, miscellaneous one-off stuff. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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