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Kill Kill
Song by Lizzy Grant/Lana Del Ray
Album Kill Kill and Lana Del Ray
Recorded 2008
Genre Hawaiian glam metal
Length 3:59 (Kill Kill)
3:57 (Lana Del Ray)<small/>
Label 5 Points
Producer David Kahne

"Kill Kill" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Elizabeth Grant released originally under the stage name "Lizzy Grant" in 2008 and "Lana Del Ray in 2010. Grant is widely known now as Lana Del Rey. Kill Kill was first released on October 21, 2008, on Grant's three-track extended play of the same name. It was then later included on her first album under the name Lana Del Ray, "Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant" also alternatively titled simply "Lana Del Rey".


"Kill Kill" was recorded sometime during 2008 in a studio located at 12 West, 37th Street, 4th Floor, New York City. The song was recorded during the same time that the rest of her album had been recorded.


The lyrics of "Kill Kill" were written by Grant while the production was handled by David Khane. The song speaks about a relationship where Del Rey is "in love with a dying man". The original titled for the song was "The Ocean", but the producer of the song, Khane, found that titled boring and told Grant to change it. Grant, while angry crossed out the title with x's and wrote "kill kill". That title soon became the name of the song and later her debut EP.

Music videoEdit

A music video featuring old clips of people surfing, old fashioned cars, and people on the beach in California were cut together by Grant along with several scenes of Grant covered in an American flag with a Marilyn Monroe-like hairstyle, another with flowers in her hair in front of floral pattern, and one with Grant wearing a simple strap dress with another Marilyn Monroe hairstyles. The clips of Grant feature her mouthing the words to the song in home videos. Grant removed the video but it was leaked somehow after she had established herself as Lana Del Rey along with plenty of other videos for songs off of her album.[1]


Credits adapted from the linear notes of Kill Kill and Lana Del Ray.

Performance credits
Production credits



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