Joe "King" Oliver, born as Joseph Nathan Oliver (AbenLouisiana, 11 May 1885- Savannah, 10 april 1938) was an orchestra leader and jazz cornet player.


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit


Oliver quickly moved from his birthplace Aben to New Orleans. There, he played first Cornet in a number of bands and formed his own orchestra along with than about 1910 trombonist Kid Ory. Even in a period of racial discrimination was Oliver particularly popular and he played both in dance halls for blacks as for rich white companies.Oliver was arrested in 1919 after a fire had broken out at a fight in a ballroom. He decided to leave and came after a stay in California in 1922 in Chicago, where he quickly made a name as "The jazz king". With King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band , he performed in The Royal Gardens. This band was composed of former solo artists.His protegé Louis Armstrong, second Cornet, Baby Dodds , played drums, Johnny Dodds played clarinet, Lil Hardin (later Armstrong's wife) piano, Honore Dutrey ontrombone, and Bill Johnson bass and banjo. In 1928 he moved to New York and there turned his luck for worse. He got gum problems whereby he almost could no longer play and the jazz music evolved to styles in which Oliver no longer at ease.

Oliver was ultimately not financially. His managers noticed him just without his best eels and Oliver lost all his savings in the great depression when his bank in Chicago went bankrupt. He had to take a job as a janitor in Savannah (Georgia) and ended his life in poverty. He died at the age of 52 in a rented room in Montgomery Street number 508.


Known songs[Edit]Edit

  • Buddy's Habit-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Tears-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Room Rent Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Riverside Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Sweet Baby Doll-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Working Man Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Mabel's Dream-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Mabel's Dream-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • The Southern Stomps-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Riverside Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • King Porter-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Tom Cat-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Too Bad-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Snag It-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Georgia Man-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Henderson-King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators "Deep
  • Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators "Jackass Blues-King
  • Home Town Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Sorrow Valley Blues-King Oliver's Jazz Band
  • Sugar Foot Stomp-King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators
  • Wa Wa Wa-King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators


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