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Kitty Kallen (Philadelphia25 may 1922) is an American singer, who in the big band era in different orchestras sang. In the 1950s she had a big hit with ' Little Things Mean a Lot '.


After winning a talent show as a girl, she sang in several radio shows, before vocalist to be featured in some famous big bands. She sang at Jan Savitt (1936), Artie Shaw(1938) and Jack Teagarden (1940). She married a clarinet player of Teagarden and when the band leader she dismissed him as well. After a short employment withBobby Sherwood went they work at Jimmy Dorsey, where they replaced the deceased Helen O'Connell . She sang duets with Bob Eberly and here was the singer of hit Dorsey's ' Besame Mucho '. When Eberly in 1943 in joined the army, she joined Harry James.

Kallen became a popular singer on the radio, in the movie and in nightclubs, but lost at the height of her career her voice. In 1954 she made a comeback with the hit song "Little Things Mean a Lot '. That year she was the most popular singer in the polls by Billboard and Variety. Other successes were "In the Chapel in the Moonlight" (1954) and a version of ' True Love '. Not until the early 1960s she had several hits: ' If I Give My Heart to You ' and ' My Coloring Book '. Kallen was the first One Hit Wonder inEngland after a number one-listing, ' Little Things ', here no hit more managed to score.

In its heyday, were some singers Kitty Kallen took active under the ' ', including a lady who in reality Genevieve Angostinello was called.

For her recordings received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her work has been re-released on several compilation CDs.

Kallen has withdrawn from the music and lives alternately in New Jersey and Mexico.

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