Klein + M.B.O. were an Italian post-disco musical group formed by producers, songwriters and arrangers Mario Boncaldo (from Italy) and Tony Carrasco (from USA). Rossana Casale, a jazzsinger along with American chorus singer Naimy Hacket, provided vocals on their records.

They are best known for their single "Dirty Talk"[1] which was originally released in MilanItaly in 1982. It became an international underground hit. Further single releases such as "Wonderful",[1] "More Dirty Talk",[1] "The MBO Theme"[1] and others continues in a similar vein. Some of their songs were published in the United States by Atlantic Records.[1]

The first and only Klein + M.B.O. album was released initially as De-Ja-Vu and then later as First. The album was recorded using Roland synthesizers and a Roland TR-808 drum machine and featured Davide Piatto on guitar.

Some people say "Dirty Talk" is the first Chicago house record, because it was played in underground Chicago clubs by DJs, and that Italo disco records such as "Dirty Talk" inspired local producers.[citation needed] French recording duo Miss Kittin & The Hacker covered "Dirty Talk" for their 1998 EP Champagne.[3]


Year Song Label [1] Dance Singles [2]

R&B Singles

1982 "Dirty Talk" Zanza / 25 West #14[4]
1982 "More Dirty Talk" Zanza
1982 "Wonderful" Zanza / Atlantic #31[4]
1983 "The MBO Theme" Zanza / Atlantic
1986 "Keep In Touch" Zanza / Dance-Sing

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