Artist: Jan Jelinek

Date Released: October 25, 2005

Label: ~scape

Produced By:


  1. Universal Band Silhouette
  2. Lemminge Und Lurchen Inc.
  3. Im Discodickicht
  4. Vibraphonspulen
  5. Lithiummelodie I
  6. Planeten In Halbtrauer
  7. Western Mimikry
  8. Morphing Leadgitarre Rückwärts

Review: Jan Jelinek, the Austrian-born producer with the unparalleled ears capable of dissecting a sample into enticing sound bytes just milliseconds long, leaves his soul and jazz records on the shelf for his third proper full length under his real name. Drawing inspiration and samples from the krautrock creative explosion in Germany during the 70s, 'Kosmischer Pitch' ('Cosmic Pitch') is a flowing array of unidentifiable and melodic noise that fluidly melts into a single strand of droning music. By almost completely leaving his glitch tendencies behind, Jelinek has created a much more free-flowing sound; one that builds calmly before stretching out and layering back on itself. The music almost sounds like it's waking up to dreary Saturday morning, only to decide that everything it had planned out to accomplish that day was not nearly as important as rolling back over for a few more hours of much needed sleep. Jelinek's samples remain mostly a mystery due to the heavy manipulation but they are much more accessible than his previous outings. Whether it is a number of vibraphone splices (perhaps the same one) weaving in and out of each other or a guitar strum with the entire attack cut off, each moment of sound seems strategically placed and triggered to create one, effervescing sound. 'Kosmischer Pitch' may be a new direction for Jelinek, but it is definitely not a wrong turn. Mpardaiolo

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