Founded: 1968

Headquarters: Düsseldorf, Germany

Website Link(s): Kraftwerk.Com




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When Kraftwerk was founded, it was originally as Organisation, who put out one record, Tone Float, which was more experimental jazz in nature; closest to the first three Kraftwerk albums, though with more of a natural sound. When they became Kraftwerk, they got more into electronics, but it was by their fourth record that they became closer to the Kraftwerk people think of. They've been sampled a lot and were a huge influence on electronic music of all stripes. Spin even did an article "Kraftwerk: More Important Than The Beatles". They went through a long hiatus, between their last three records; Electric Café was 1986, The Mix was 1991 (between which, the two percussionists left), and Tour De France Soundtracks was 2004.




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