Kula Shaker is a British psychedelic-rock band from the 1990s.


[hide]*1 What went before

What has preceded it[Edit]Edit

In 1988 when Crispian Mills (grandson of Sir John Mills and son of actress Hayley Mills and film director Roy Boulting) met Alonza Bevan at Richmond College in Surrey, they founded a band called Objects of Desire. They then also ran a psychedelic nightclub, Mantra Shack. After the dissolution of the band in 1993, Mills went backpacking inIndia, and when you return, he formed a band (The Kays) with bassist Bevan, drummer Paul Winter heart, and vocalist Saul Dismont. Dismont left the band after one year and was replaced by organist Jay Darlington. After two years of touring and recording, the band had no record success.

The success[Edit]Edit

The band's name and changed direction in 1995 when Mills got a hunch that the Group had to adopt the name of Kula Shaker to an Indian King Kulashekhara from the 9th century and a more spiritual direction on had to go. In september 1995 Kula Shaker won the "In The City" contest (along with Placebo), which resulted in a contract withColumbia Records. A debut single, Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix) was released in March 1995 followed by Grateful When you're Dead in april 1996. The band had this success and its fame went up with the third (hit) single Hey Dude, which in August reached the second place in the British charts. In October came from their debut album K , which is one of the fastest selling debut albums was after OasisDefinitely Maybe. The fourth hit single from that album was Govinda. In February 1997, they had their biggest hit with a cover of Deep Purples version of Hush (originally by Joe South). This song was used on the soundtrack of the film "I Know What You Did Last Summer". In 1997 the ep,Summer Sun, with 6 tracks that were all B-sides from the earlier singles. In april 1998 the single Sound of Drums , which took the third place in the British charts. The long-awaited second album left to come.


In February 1999, the single "Mystical Machine Gun" from the new album: Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts that came out in March. The success was less than the first album. In september 1999, the band was raised.

After the split[Edit]Edit

After the break-up was drummer Paul Winter-Hart joined the band Thirteen: 13, which ceased to exist in 2001. He also drummed on an album by AqualungJay Darlington was keyboardist for Oasis in 2002. BassistAlonza Bevan joined Johnny Marr and the Healers in 2000, and having success. Singer Crispian Mills took a solo album in 2000 . In 2001 , he participated with a newly formed band The Jeevas an album on. The Jeevaswere successful in Japan but little success in the United Kingdom. They took a total of two albums.


In december 2002 a greatest hits album by Kula Shaker came out called Kollected-The Best of Kula Shaker, with a cover of Bob Dylan's Ballad of a Thin Man, which was used on a soundtrack to the film Stoned with Leo Gregory from 2005. After Mills in 2004 to a charity album had worked with Beevan and Winter heart that drums played, gave birth to him that so well that it was decided to revival of Kula Shaker. Also Darlington was asked but be the facilities on offer. In 2005 it became clear that the herformatie of Kula Shaker would be permanently. In december 2005 they performed again and in 2006 became an ep Revenge of the Kings released.In August 2007 the new album Strangefolk. In June 2008 the band performed on on the free festival Parkpop in the Hague.


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