Kyuss was a band that at the end of the eighties in Palm SpringsUSA . They were a well known in the Palm Desert Scene and then they organized the so-called generator parties with which the band Yawning Man has started and a source of inspiration was for the band. A stage was built in the middle of the desert and the whole night was played under the stars. Kyuss was a founding member of the Stoner rock. The band is underground and is a source of inspiration for many.

During the five years that the band, the band has released four albums, one split album and one EP. During their existence, there are quite a few changes in the band.Singer John Garcia and guitarist Josh Homme are the only permanent members of the beginning to the end.

After lifting the band have the (ex-) members in other famous bands played: Queens of the Stone Age (which in the beginning fully consisted of ex-Kyuss-band members),Desert SessionsYawning ManFu ManchuBrant BjorkDwarvesAt EastChéEagles of Death MetalMondo GeneratorHermanoUnidaSlo Burn and Them Crooked Vultures.

In november 2010, the three original members of the band (On Homme after) together under the name Kyuss Lives! for a world tour with plans to at some point to take up a new album. Josh Homme Nick Oliveri stepped to the Court which the band left in March 2012. Five months later, judge s. James Otero that Garcia and Bjork were allowed to release any music under the name Kyuss Lives!. For this reason they changed their band name in Vista Chino.


[hide]*1 Katzenjammer and Sons of Kyuss (1987-1991)

Katzenjammer and Sons of Kyuss (1987-1991)[Edit]Edit

For the band are the genarator parties led by Mario Lalli very important. Lalli played first in the band Across the River which was a source of inspiration for John Garciaand Nick Oliveri. For the 16 year old Brant Bjork and Josh Homme was a live performance of Yawning Man a source of inspiration. Of the band Across the River they later covered the song "N.O." on the album Welcome to Sky Valley. They also did the same by the band Yawning Man with the song ' Catamaran ' on the album ...And the Circus Leaves Town.

The band was a fan of punk rock bands like Minor Threat , Black Flagand The Misfits, but felt more at home in the local scene.

Bjork started the band after in 1987 with his friend Chris Cockrell which was later replaced by Nick Oliveri. They needed Josh Homme as guitarist. Cockrell invited John Garcia as a singer for the band to jam at the home of Bjork. He sang the lyrics that Bjork and Homme. The band had no money for tuners so she agreed the guitars on feeling and hearing. Because there is a mentality prevailed in the desert villages that had to be you otherwise as other to respected the band remained the guitar low votes.

The first name of the band was Katzenjammer (this means hangover in German) which was soon replaced by Sons of Kyuss. This name was chosen by Bjork from the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. This name was later shortened to Kyuss. There is no music released under the name Katzenjammer. The first ep was released under the name Sons of Kyuss called Sons of Kyuss EP. Later came the debut album Wretchwhere some songs on were they had previously recorded for their Sons of Kyuss EP.


The first lineup consisted of vocalist John Garcia, guitarist Josh Homme, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork. The band gradually built their local success in and around Palm DesertCalifornia. They were frequent guest during festivities in a around the isolated villages and towns in the desert of Southern California. This improvised music sessions in the desert were called locally the ' generator parties '. This consisted of a small audience that beer drunk and drugs used during the performance. The instruments were powered by a generator. [1[2[3]

For Kyuss was playing this generator parties is an important factor. Homme gave the following: "there are no clubs in the desert. You can only free your music be heard during these parties. When people find it not good they say that. when they find it well keep them coming. You can do so not bad ". Kyuss was getting bigger during these events. They lent the generator by Mario Lalli and played for hours in the desert. Many of these events are played with the generator by Mario Lalli.

Kyuss was signed to the independent record label Dali Records. This brought out their debut album Wretch in september 1991. Some tracks that of the Sons of Kyuss EP were included on this album again.

The sale of the album was slow, but the band was quickly and enjoying increasing popularity as a live band. Guitarist Josh Homme gained a reputation for his way of playing his guitar. He lowered his guitar from E to C and played his guitar through a bass amp in order to create a heavy psychedelic sound.

In 1992 the band began to work with the new producer Chris Goss to their next album called Blues for the Red Sun. Goss understood the band and created the sound knew what they live on cd. Blues for the Red Sun was released in June 1992. Bassist Nick Oliveri left the band and was replaced by Scott Reeder that five to six months earlier was asked by Kyuss to join them. This happened during a tour along the u.s. west coast with his then band The Obsessed.

The album was well received and money to this day as an important moment in the Stoner Rock. For the album are two music videos made. For Thong Song and and the legendary number Green Machine. Kyuss in late 1993 was involved in 9 days by Australia tour with Metallica.

Kyuss changed from major Electra Records after Dali Records came into financial trouble and was acquired by Electra.

In 1994 they released their Kyuss from their album. In the first place these Pools of Mercury. Among fans is this album known as Welcome to Sky Valley by the Board with this name on the front of the album. Sky Valley, California is a Census-designated place North is of what Palm Desert in California. The album was recorded in 1993, but by changing the cost-of-living band members and the new label a year before the album came out in 1994, which again was produced by Chris Goss. Like their previous album this album was also well received. The album has more psychedelic influences and is more mature sound. For the songDemon Cleaner is a music video made.

By disagreements over how the band Brant Bjork left the band should exist when the album was almost done. He was replaced by Alfredo Hernández played in Yawning Man with whom Scott Reeder mentioned earlier in the band had played Across the River in the mid- 80 's.

In July 1995, they released their fourth and final album called ...And the Circus Leaves Town. For this album is a music video made for the song One Inch Man. This was the only official single of the album.

The album was commercially not as successful as Welcome to Sky Valley and received moderate critical acclaim. Three months after release, the band decided to lift itself out in October 1995

Waiver of Kyuss[Edit]Edit

In 1995 the band fell apart, after which Josh Homme toured as a guitarist with the band Screaming TreesMasters Of Reality and later the Desert Sessions series began. In december 1997, there was a split albumwith three songs from three songs from Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. This became the Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age EP. Homme and Hernandez formed Queens of the Stone Age in 1998 along with Oliveri as bassist when the album was finished.

John Garcia formed the band Unidaand Slo Burn later. With Slo Burn is the Amusing the Amazing ep released. The band had a brief existence and went in 1997 apart. In 1998 he started the band Unida. Released an ep with Unida is there. Together with the Swedish band Dozer is this a Split album . They have released one cd in 2001 that officially is not issued, but has been leaked on the internet called: The Great Divide. After Garcia has worked with several bands Unida and he joined the band Hermano. With this band he has made three studio albums and one live album.

He is also working on his solo project Garcia vs. Garcia. Garcia gave in 2010 that it is going to be a rock album in which the ' desert sound ' the thread. He gives to many (former) band members/friends with which he has worked are asked to make this happen.

Alfredo Hernández played after the debut album by Queens Of The Stone Age with the bands: Yawning ManChé and Orquesta del Desierto, while Oliveri except for Queens Of The Stone Age started his own solo project: Mondo Generator (to a song by Kyuss). Band member Bjork had this with graffiti sprayed on his amplifier. Drummer Brant Bjork played Fu Manchuin the band for a long time, made several solo albums and started bands such as: Brant Bjork and the BrosChé and In East.

In 1997 three songs on Homme, Bjork and Oliveri names ("13th Floor", "Simple Exploding Man", & "Cocaine Rodeo") for Mondo generators debut album, Cocaine Rodeo, which came out in 2000. Garcia and Kyuss producer Chris Goss, which combines material produced, also took part. These numbers are seen by fans as the last songs by Kyuss. Oliveri did this in 2012 again with Homme and Garcia on The song "The Last Train". This number can be found on the album Hell Comes To Your Heart.

In 2000, a compilation album by the band from: Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss. The album is a collection of singles, previously unreleased material and live versions of songs.

Still, it made John Garcia made a guest appearance at a concert by Queens of the Stone Age at the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles. They played together three Kyuss songs: Hurricane and Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop, Thumb.

Garcia Plays Kyuss and Kyuss Lives![Edit]Edit


Kyuss Lives! , see main article.

John Garcia in the summer of 2010 toured through Europe with a Belgian-Dutch band under the name Garcia plays Kyuss, to back issues of Kyuss live play and promotion for his (not yet released) solo project "Garcia vs. Garcia". In 2011 he repeated that under the name Kyuss Lives!, but now with two other members of the original line-up: Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork who in June 2010 together with Garcia "Green Machine" and "Gardenia" were invoked on Hellfest summer open air. They did this more often during that tour. The Belgian Bruno Fevery, who also was in 2010, took the guitar for his account while Josh Homme [4a tour withQueens of the Stone Age . This saw a comeback in Kyuss.

In March 2012 were Garcia and Bjork sued by Josh and former bassist Scott Reeder for fraud. This had to do with the use of the name Kyuss. Bjork said the following about here:[5]

"Josh filing this lawsuit is not an issue of today ... it's an issue that began about 20 years ago. That is why the band was short-lived. Josh and I were the creative force within the band and after the completion of our second record, ' Blues For The Red Sun ', we developed an opposing view on how the band should exist and operate. In 1992 Josh discovered publishing, which is the financial revenue stream for songwriting. After that, he wanted to write all the songs. As a drummer, I couldn't make him play my songs. I wasn't going to compromise my heart and soul and play drums for Josh to make money in a book I started. So I left the band.'I was a confused, angry and sad 19-year-old idealist who sacrificed my love or my band for what I believed in. Two and a half years later, Josh would break up the band after John confronted him about the same thing; his need to control the band for personal gain ".


"The requirement of Josh is not a problem of the lately ... It is a problem that began 20 years ago. That is also the reason that the band as short existed. Josh and I were the creative force in the band. After the second album ' Blues For The Red Sun ' was finished we got a disagreement over how the band should exist and how the numbers had to be written. In 1992 discovered Josh the marketing within the music. This is the financial turnover for making numbers. After this, wanted to write all the songs. Josh As a drummer I could not play my songs. I chose to not to play in a band with heart and soul that I had started to earn money to let Josh. I left the band. I was a frustrated, angry and sad 19 year old idealist who sacrificed his love for where I believed in. two and a half years later stopped Josh the band after John had him facing the same point: control the band for personal profit ".

Bjork gave on 7 June 2012 in an interview with Trashhits that Homme and Reeder had been brought up to date by Garcia what the future vision was with Kyuss Lives! Also told Bjork on the relationship with Josh Homme: "the last time I spoke to him (Josh) is 6 years ago in which he indicated that he never wanted to speak to me (Bjork). In the beginning of the Kyusstijd we could find well with each other. We grew more and more apart and we have never settled. There has never been a violent feud. We both had other interests. After some time together to have worked after Kyuss was becoming increasingly clear that we were apart me grown. Josh is no longer the person I ever knew. "

In August 2012 John Garcia and Brant Bjork certain a judge that no studio and/or live-were allowed to release material under the band name ' Kyuss Lives! '. They are allowed to use the name for live shows as long as ' Kyuss ' and ' Lives! "in the same font size next to each other to avoid ambiguities in respect of the name. The judge indicated that in the future they might be in trouble can come with this and indicated that the for the defending party it is best to change the band name.

On november 29, 2012, it was announced that the name Kyuss Lives! was changed to Vista Chino .


See Vista Chino for the main article on this topic.




Music videos[Edit]Edit

Live Albums[Edit]Edit

  • 1994- Live At The Marquee Club (is also a split album with the band Slo Burn)
  • 1997-Polish Mercurious (bootleg)
  • 1997-The Opera House Toronto, ON (bootleg)
  • 2009-Pukkelpop Festival (bootleg)


  • 1993-Grunge/The Alternative Compilation
  • 1994-In Ya Face
  • 1994-Rock Video Monthly
  • 1995-Metallurgy
  • 1995-Hey Knucklehead-A Fistful Of New Music From The Elektra
  • 1995-Rock & Alternative At Wea
  • 1995-Metalopolis vol.3
  • 1995-Triple j: This Is Twelve-Too Louder Compilation
  • 1997-Visions Präsentiert Musik Für Die Neunziger vol.i
  • 1998-Stoned (R) Evolution-The Ultimate Trip
  • 1998-Lars Ricken's Hot Shots
  • 1999-Visions 75th Anniversary Compilation
  • 1999- Stoned Again!-A Bong Load Records Collection
  • 2002-Introduced 100 (100 Issues Intro | Essential Music 1991-2002)
  • 2002-Hörsturz vol. 4
  • 2007-Visions On Screen vol.1
  • 2009-The Crobar Full One-Soho, London
  • 2011-Secret, The – Sonic Cathedrals vol. II
  • 2012-Sound City Studios Comp

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