Artist: L' Spaerow

Date Released: February 15, 2005

Label: Lucid

Produced By:


  1. Chance
  2. Bridges
  3. 3,454 Empty Pages
  4. Front Step City
  5. The Pharmacists
  6. Standing in Front of Speeding Cars
  7. Amsterdam
  8. The Ash
  9. Reverse
  10. Swim
  11. Sleep Tight

The opening beat of L' Spaerow's opening song Chance leaves you expecting a ripoff of Lush's Undertow before L' Spaerow frontman, Lucid Records founder, and ex-Braid guy Chris Broach (with the aid of bandmates Adam Johnson and Kenneth Boksa) careens into a song and, ultimately, album that shows the depth and creativity of some of the finer reverb-heavy acts of the shoegazer heyday. It is a stunning work though Broach is noticeably careful to never let his vocals get submerged among the swirling guitars and layered percussion. As per shoegazer rules, playing a single song never delivers the effect of the full album; in L' Spaerow's case, that is surely for the best. - Patrick Masterson

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