LADS is an all-female band based in New York City that is very new to the musical community. However, their unique sound has already brought many interested listeners to the table.


LADS was formed as a band between the four original members: Alexa, Mia, Kirsten, and Matty. Their goal was to provide a new and unique sound in a genre that has been important and influential to many, that still allows you to speak your mind. Band member Alexa Brightside has explained it as: "We're just normal girls playing straight up rock music. Everyone tries to be outside the box and we're dead inside it because no one else is."
Although very new to the music scene the band has gotten a small but steady following and has put out several singles, covers, and an EP. They are also planning new music for the end of the 2015 year and any music that may come in the future.


  • Alexa Brightside - lead vocalist/guitarist
  • Mia Schmidt - guitarist
  • Kirsten Kearns - bass
  • Matty Cline - drums




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