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Headquarters:Brooklyn, New York

Website Link(s):Official Site




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LCD Soundsystem's legacy will forever be cemented by their 2002 12" single, Losing My Edge. As one quarter of the DFA's first wave of output that broke New York's new millennial revival and dance-punk simultaneously, James Murphy's critique (bolstered by the astonishing hipster-on-jungle b-side "Beat Connection") was so complete that "Rolling Stone" declared the band dead on arrival; a slew of singles including the raucous Tired and the purposefully simplistic Yeah proved otherwise, though the less-is-more approach had fans itching for Murphy's first full-length, eventually coming out in January 2005; LCD Soundsystem was among the year's best and received largely positive reviews. Remix album Introns was an online-only release in early 2006, but a sophomore full-length was promised before March of 2007.




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