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Lady N My Life
Single by Cross
Released 6/28/08 (Original Version)
Recorded Early June (Original Version)
Genre Rap
Length 3:57 (Original Version)
Label SB Records
Producer DJ Kaytradam

"Lady N My Life" was originally a song by Cross dedicated to a girlfriend, but due to a split the song became obsolete. It was produced by DJ Kaytradam.


Originally, Cross (at the time known as Slik) released this song to a girlfriend at the time. Although met with a very good reception, the song became obsolete due to a split.


In September 2009, over a year after the originals release, Cross confirmed he'd be doing a re-release. He said the re-vamped version would be to the "ideal girl" and isn't to anyone in particular. In addition to it's re-release, he stated it would be on his 2nd album Gaza.

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