Larry Clinton (Brooklyn17 August 1909 - Tucson2 may 1985) was an American trumpetertrombonistcomposerarranger and big bandleader who had success in the 1930s.

Clinton's musical career only came off the ground in the early 1930s, when he worked as an arranger for several dance orchestras. He was active at Claude Hopkins(1933), the Dorsey brothers (1934), Jimmy Dorsey (1935-1936) and Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra (1936-1937). Then he briefly wrote for Louis Armstrong andBunny Berigan. In 1938 he composed for Tommy Dorsey hit "Dipsy Doodle".

Already in 1937, he founded his own band, however, on which he made a number of successful recordings for labels such as Victor. The recorded material ranged from pop songs from that era, instrumental songs to, above all, swing-arrangements of classical melodies. "My Reverie", an adaptation of a composition by Claude Debussy, "Reverie", took out the first place of the American chart. The text was written by Clinton sung by Bea Wain, which with Ford Leary the clean vocals in the band. Jazzing the Classics was ' in ' during that time and Clinton got widely known for. He also wrote original compositions, several of an interest in the supernatural and betrayed, Satanism as "Midnight in the Madhouse", "The Devil With the Devil" and "Satan in Satin".

The Orchestra was primarily a studio band, but also appeared in colleges and in the ballrooms of major hotels. In 1938 and 1939, he played in different ten-minute films for Vitaphone. In 1941, he performed in six short films for the so-called movie jukeboxes, which at the time were very popular.

Clinton stopped In 1941 with his band: he had to and was pilot and flight instructor at the United States air force. After the war he picked up the thread again. He worked for record labels as Cosmo is a recording-leader. He then started a new band, with which he had success from 1948 to 1950. In 1956, he participated with a studio band a lp on with new versions of his old successes. In 1961 he moved from the music business.


  • The Uncollected Larry Clinton 1937-1938, Hindsight
  • Live in 1937 and 1938, Jazz Band
  • Remember Larry Clinton 1937-1940, Sounds of Yesteryear
  • Feeling Like a Dream (recordings 1940-1941), Hep Records
  • In Hi Fi, Flare UK, 1956

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