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Artist: White Mud Free Way

Date Released: July 27, 2004

Label: Bar/None

Produced By:


  1. Mercury
  2. Adele
  3. Sneeze
  4. Painkiller
  5. Tumbleweeds
  6. Headless Body in a Topless Bar
  7. Near Star
  8. Bar Code
  9. Mr. Messenger
  10. Nine Hours Back


This is album is a glimpse of originality within a combination of increasingly stale genres. White Mud Free Way creates a blended sound of indie-rock, folk, and electronica-lite all within the frames of country-tinged waltzes. Joining forces in Canada, Terence Bernando and Mari Solivan moved to New York as multi-media designers, but soon grew bored and formed a quartet with John Hill and Conrad Chouchan. The group made an immediate impact, showcased by CMJ and the Pop Montreal Festival. This album was conceived in a basement studio of Brooklyn with absolutely no limitations. Out came a beautifully written and produced record that made use of elements of almost every genre, though keeping country-folk as a focal point. The male/female vocals overlay the numerous background sounds and catchy guitar licks. Michael Ardaiolo

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