Artist: Lyrics Born

Date Released: October 7, 2003

Label: Quannum

Produced By:


  1. Dream Sequence (Intro)
  2. Bad Dreams
  3. Rise and Shine
  4. Callin' Out
  5. U Ass Bank
  6. Cold Call feat. Gift of Gab
  7. Interlude
  8. Stop Complaining
  9. Do That There
  10. Before and After
  11. The Last Trumpet
  12. Pack Up
  13. Hot Bizness
  14. Love Me So Bad
  15. One Session
  16. Nightro
  17. Hello


Programmed and produced alone over several years, Lyrics Born’s first full-length consists of old school hip-hop jams combined with dark, bluesy folk songs that speak to the entire rap community. The 10-year veteran, Tom Shimura, formerly known as Asian Born, initially helped break SoulSide records, which went on to launch the careers of many influential artists including DJ Shadow. His vocal style bounces between speaking, rapping and singing all in his individual, gritty voice. The songs are laid back and mellow while still containing street-smart rhymes and funky beats. Many of his west coast friends contribute their individual talents including the Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), Cut Chemist, Joyo Velarde and Lateef the Truth Speaker. Simply put, Later that Day… is a damn fine album. Michael Ardaiolo

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